Saturday, 5 May 2012

And I Go Like This- ^_^''

Ohoiiiiiiiii~ Asslammulaikum ^.^'' Jap2, nk nyanyi jap, Hati riang, Oh sungguh Indah'' saat ku melihat, Ku terase ayu'' Cewahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! ahaks,, ^..^Tak nak tanye ke kenape aq gembiwe semacam nehh? hahahah!! :'D because, Today 5/5/2012 ,, Jeng3 my father Buy me a new Fhone!! ahha!! wait2 Be jelly kelape k? hewhew ^^'' hoho, nih mesti diary nk taw kan fon ape? hahah Nahh- T nengok kat bawah nih erk,, wait'' i'm postingg!! ^--^''
Ohoooo,, Cool Right,, #Bejellypleasee!! heheheh'' That's all for yesterday,, pape pun, Thanks very much to my papa! muahh :*

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